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Niche Nailers

Starting a new business is such an adventure, but the work of building that business is about making decisions…a lot of them. And yet, many new entrepreneurs find these decisions difficult, leaving them frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed.

Here’s why:
Having an idea for a business is not the same as understanding what your business is about.

The first steps of building a new business should be about getting, not doing.

You need to get clear about your work.

When you get clarity about the work you do, the problems you solve, and the people you serve, it empowers you to move forward with ease, strategy and the confidence that each decision is helping you create the business of your dreams. Clarity helps you see how to move your business forward.
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3 Ways to Get Clear and Get Moving:

Receive 1-on-1 help with a specific issue in setting up your business.

Break out the pens, post-it’s, and notepads and join one of our live or virtual group work sessions.

Get broader guided assistance in setting up your business.

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