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2 Things You Must Know Before Naming Your Blog

I can feel your excitement in the air: You have this amazing idea for a new blog. You just know it’s going to resonate with people and you can’t wait to share it with the world.
It just needs a name.

So you poll your friends. You ask your Facebook group for their suggestions. You mull over possibilities in the shower or while you’re driving. You’ve even nailed down some strong contenders.

But wait-

before you pull that lever, I need to make sure you’re clear about two things:
Which area of your topic does your blog focus in?
Which people in that community are you speaking to?

Your blog name communicates very important information. It sets the expectation for the kind of content people will read. It lets people know whether they’re the one your posts were written for. It represents the position you’ve decided to take as a contributor in your industry.

One of the biggest missteps we make when launching our content projects is neglecting to specify. We all would love to believe that our content speaks to everyone. But none of us speak to everyone, and the sooner you embrace and wield that, the better off you’ll be. (And it will help you not have to rename or fix your blog name like I did.)

Which area of your topic does your blog focus in?
Let’s say your blog is about motherhood. Fantastic! But what aspect of motherhood are you focusing on? Are you writing about practicing self-care as a mother, budgeting as a mother, motherhood in a gluten-free household, motherhood and sex, or motherhood and working? Motherhood is a huge topic with a lot of different facets. Your blog name is going to be shaped by the facet of motherhood your blog will be talking about.

Which people in that community are you speaking to?
Going back to our motherhood example, there are many kinds of mothers. There are many contexts of motherhood. Are you speaking to moms of toddlers or adult children who won’t leave the house? Moms of children with disabilities? Newly divorced moms? Adoptive moms? Moms who’ve lost a child? Are you writing a blog to friends of new moms to help them understand the changes going in their friend’s life and how they can support them? Are you writing to men to help them understand what the mother of their children goes through?

Which of these people are you speaking to?

Your answer is going to inform how you name your blog because your blog name has to let these people know you’re talking to them.

I want to help you identify your focus area and target reader so can land on the blog name that truly represents your heart.

Join me for a free webinar on January 22, 23, or 24, where I will lead you in 3 exercises to help you begin to understand who you serve, how you serve them, and where you fit in your larger industry.

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