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Clarity first, then tools

For new entrepreneurs, there’s a lot of different advice out there about how to start your business. Combine this with our itchiness to get out and start doing our work, and we quickly find ourselves fallen prey to the task temptation, where we just start spending money and doing stuff, hoping something works. But, from my experience, my very rocky experience, I believe that the most important first step you can take, the smartest way…

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Locating and Landing Your First Clients

How do we, as new entrepreneurs on the block, go about locating and landing our first clients? And how do we do it from day one, step one? We all know the scenario: we’ve created this amazing product or service and we set up shop. We do all this work, we put it out there and…crickets: our family doesn’t buy it, our friends don’t buy it, and no one is responding to our posts, blog,…

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What does it mean to niche, anyway?

Well, here’s how I like to explain it: Imagine your industry as this giant conversation with lots of people involved in different kinds of ways. Let’s say your industry is gardening. There are many different people creating businesses, products, services, and creating all kinds of content about gardening. But they’re not all involved in gardening in the same way. Also, there are lots of different facets to gardening. Not everyone is focusing on the same…

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2 Things You Must Know Before Naming Your Blog

I can feel your excitement in the air: You have this amazing idea for a new blog. You just know it’s going to resonate with people and you can’t wait to share it with the world. It just needs a name. So you poll your friends. You ask your Facebook group for their suggestions. You mull over possibilities in the shower or while you’re driving. You’ve even nailed down some strong contenders. But wait- before…

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How defining your niche and target audience serves your business.

One of the things we entrepreneurs and business owners dream of is for our products and services to have mass appeal. And we equate that with being for everyone. But none of us is for everyone. Think about Michael Jackson. His “Thriller” album, just one of his albums, sold over 100 million copies worldwide. That’s mass appeal, wouldn’t you say? And yet, Jackson’s music doesn’t appeal to everyone. There are actually, and strangely, people who…

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