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How do I

narrow down / focus on / define identify / describe / clarify / find pinpoint / figure out

my niche and target audience?

Nail that Niche walks entrepreneurs and content creators through a simple, step-by-step process to define their niche and target audience, empowering them to establish a strong foundation from which they can make informed, strategic business decisions that truly represent their vision and move it forward. Created by Niche Nailers founder, Marlita Hill, the Nail that Niche process features five exercises. Each exercise contains several steps to help entrepreneurs complete the exercise. Wanting to help other business owners escape the frustrating task of trying to define their niche and audience from a blank page, Hill created this process to walk them systematically through their industry, along the way gathering information and language to help them define the work they do, the problem they solve, and the people they serve. $9.99 (plus $4 shipping and handling)