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Clarity Sessions

Every decision that we make for our business or project is shaped by our niche (the space we occupy) and our target audience (the specific people we’re speaking to). Book your Clarity Session today to make sure you’re making the right decisions that move you toward the business of your dreams.

Our Clarity Session will help prepare you for all the BOSS decisions you have to make to set up your business

A Clarity Session will help ensure you:
      – Get the right logo designed
      – Choose the right branding colors
      – Choose the right product name
      – Choose the right domain name
      – Write the right book
      – Build the right course
for the business you are working to build.

Sessions are 50-minutes and meet online via Zoom.
Upon purchase, you will receive an email to schedule your session.
Order a single session or a 4-session bundle and get one free ($150)