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Niche Nailers Start-Up Coaching Program

When you’re first starting to build your business, there are three foundational priorities to set it up the smart way:

1. (Identity) You have to understand the business you’re building

2. (Visibility) You have to have a plan for how you will let people know you exist

3. (Communication) You have to have a plan to foster relationship and turn interested viewers into paying customers.

The Niche Nailers Start-Up Coaching Program walks new entrepreneurs through a strategic process to develop a strong foundation for their business, including a content plan, audience outreach plan, and collaboration and partnership plan. Also included is:

— A step-by-step simple process to guide you in defining the work you do, the content you’ll share, where to find your target audience, and partnerships and collaborations to develop.

— A one-on-one call each month plus messaging to receive additional help

— Accountability check-ins to keep you moving forward

Our coaching program works on a revolving door basis. Only 10 slots are available. Once slots are filled, access is not available until a seat is vacated. When you have what you need, you simply exit the program.

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