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Niche Worksession

Hey, hey my fellow entrepreneur!! 

We are breaking out the laptops, notebooks, highlighters, post-it’s, and mindmaps to nail that niche!! Come jam with me and you will leave knowing the work you do, the problems you solve and the people you serve.

Why should I care about that stuff?

Starting a new business is a great adventure, but the work of building that business is about making decisions…a lot of them. When you don’t have anything guiding those decisions, making them can be overwhelming, frustrating, and just plain difficult; and that leads to bad decisions, or worse, indecision, which stagnates your business. But, when you get clear about your work, it empowers you to move forward with ease, strategy and the confidence that each decision you make is moving you toward the business of your dreams. Clarity helps you see how to move your business forward.

— If you’re asking, “Where do I start? What do I do first? What do I do next?”…

— If you’re struggling to decide your business and domain name, your website look and messaging, your logo look and feel, your email and blog content, where to locate new clients…

— If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, discouraged, or desperately in need of some guidance

…you need to be in the room jamming with us.

Are you ready to get clear?

July 27, 2019
9-12pm PST / 12-3pm EST
Worksession occurs on ZOOM

About Marlita Hill
Marlita Hill is an artist, educator, and author of multiple books. Her latest work, Nail that Niche: a simple process for defining the business you’re in, the work you do, the problems you solve, and the people you serve, was released in March 2019. She has been an educator for over twenty years, mentoring artists, authors and new entrepreneurs in the US and abroad.